In the last years 4.0 technologies have become increasingly present in all fields of the industry. Innovations are becoming more and more noticeable and we see that human work is becoming easier thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence. Drones, like other types of machinery, are the result of the development of this technology. So far, they have been used mainly for entertainment,photography, i.e. relatively simple uses. However, the reality is that drones are a major contribution and could be a revolution in many of the current processes. From the goods delivery to the extinction of fires, they could be a great ally for humans in providing solutions to existing problems with no risk for human lives.

Precision agriculture is one of the branches of the result of the exponential innovation growth in the last years, and the introduction of drones allows, on the one hand, instant data collection on the state of crops and, on the other hand, the fumigation and irrigation of lands in a faster, safer and more efficient way.