Spadrone´s L25 drone was part of the planting of 140,000 seeds of Pinus Nigra in the Plan for the Restoration of Natural Spaces on the Mount of the Public Heritage of the Andalusian Government, the Cortijico, in Chirivel, carried by the AlVelAl association.

An action to restore the landscape that will allow the follow-up of germination and therefore the success of this plan, since the release of these seeds is geolocated.
Fernando Bautista, technical director of the Natural Areas of AlVelAl, says that “unlike the plantation, with this action we will not see the tree, but over the years we will see plants with a greater guarantee of survival.”

Spadrone along with other collaborators were involved in the sowing, which is expecting a minimum survival of 10 percent, which means about 15,000 new trees over the next 20 years.
For that purpose, 20,000 seeds have been planted per hectare, a dense sowing of seeds wrapped and pelletized for surface germination, which has been done with a dispenser designed specifically for this action.

spadrone semillas

An activity that is intended to continue in the next season of 2020-21 with the planting of 26,200 new trees, 200 of which with cacoons to try to ensure in the most shady place the survival of some native deciduous trees potentially present in and around the place